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We can solve your BA Falcon, BF Falcon, and Ford Territory Ignition Issues

Models known to be effected:

  • Ford Falcon 2003 - 2009
  • BA Falcon, BF Falcon
  • Territory


  • Intermittent starting issue, which gets worse over time.
  • Car starts, but then stops straight away.
  • Car won't stay running.
  • The key won't stay in the on position after starting, instead, it flicks back to the accessories position, and that's why the engine stops.

Ford Dealers's Solution

  • Buy a new Steering Column - over $2000
  • Come on ford - are you serious. Do you really want us to buy Holdens

The Diagnosis

  • In the black plastic switch component at the rear of the ignition, there is a spring that slips out of position.
  • When it slips out of position it cannot produce the required force to spring the ignition key back to the ON position.

Our Solution

  • Gently punch or press the tabs that hold the black plastic component in place, so that it is held in place tighter.
  • This is a very simple fix, but does require the time consuming removal and disassembly of the steering column and ignition.

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